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Winslow Junior High Bulletin for Thursday, March 23, 2017

Yearbook  We want your photo’s! SKIPPLE is a free app that works with our yearbook company. Download your photos of school activities and games and send them in. Then take the time to vote on the ones you like and would want to see in the yearbook this year. Any inappropriate photos will be flagged and you will be blocked from the sight! 

Winslow Junior High School ID Policy

School issued student ID’s must be worn to school every day. ID must be displayed on a lanyard around the students neck and visible to staff.

If a student fails to bring their ID to school, they must get a temporary ID in the office at the warning bell 1st hour. Consequences of not having your school issued student ID are as follows:

3rd time with no ID – Administrator will contact parent

5th time with no ID – issue a new ID, charge student account, assign detention/cleanup.

7th time with no ID –detention this and every violation to follow

*Continued violation of the ID policy may result in SAFE room

Be Kind Challenge Anyone interest in a FREE pickle or hot chips??? Let a Student Council member catch you doing something “KIND”. If they recognize you being encouraging, supportive, positive, helpful, honest, considerate, thankful, responsible, respectful or just being a friend, you will get a “I’m a kind kid” card. If you happen to get one, put your name on the back of it and return it to Mrs. Vasquez (Room #3). We will draw names at the end of each week and if your name gets drawn, then you can come and get a FREE pickle or chips. If your name doesn’t get drawn, then your card will stay in for the next week and so on. We will NEVER throw away the card; it pays to be KIND.

Yearbooks Make your yearbook your own by personalizing the back cover and four pages for FREE! If you would like to have this option, you will need to purchase your yearbook soon. Personalization has to be finished by April 24th. Please pick up information in the office or library. You have to order online if you wish to personalize. If you don’t want to do personalizing, you can purchase your yearbook through the office or online. The last day to purchase a yearbook is April 24th! Don’t miss out get yours today!

Honor Society Hours Volunteer hours for Honor Society are due to Mrs. Williams by Monday March 27. 60 hours are required.

Wrestling Little Colorado Wrestling club: for anyone interested practices are at 5:30, Petranovich gym, Tuesdays and Thursdays. More information can be obtained there from the coach. 

8th Grade Panoramic Picture This picture is available for purchase through Friday march 31. Please be sure to bring in your money and order form to the Junior High Office by this date.

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